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No sedation should be attempted without ready availability of essential drugs and monitoring and resuscitation equipment.
He said this resuscitation equipment is not on the ambulances in town, it is on the firetrucks.
It was designed in 1907 by Heinrich Drager, the company founder, who was motivated by a desire to provide resuscitation equipment for people who had been exposed to poisonous gases, such as in mining disasters (14).
Among his topics are resuscitation equipment in the dental practice, cardiac disorders, endocrine disorders, anaphylaxis, airway management and ventilation, pediatric emergencies, and professional and legal issues.
The coroner found the propofol was administered without any medical need and that recommended resuscitation equipment was missing.
Resuscitation equipment should be located either in the room or nearby to allow basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Within the project LDS Charities donated and delivered neonatal resuscitation equipment. In November 2008, disabled individuals of Osh and Batken Oblasts of the Kyrgyz Republic received new 250 wheelchairs as humanitarian assistance provided and sponsored by LDS Charities.Counterpart International in the Kyrgyz Republic has been working in Kyrgyzstan for over 13 years, implementing various community and humanitarian assistance projects valued at over $75 million.
Some team members were primarily responsible just for the babies' admission beds, all of which were outfitted with resuscitation equipment, monitors, and assistive respiratory devices.
They set themselves a target of raising pounds 1,000 in aid of CARE, Cleveland Ambulance Resuscitation Equipment, by completing the Lyke Wake Walk.
* Closely monitor patients for adverse events--particularly hypotension and hypersensitivity--and have trained personnel and resuscitation equipment on hand in the event of a severe reaction.
The following resuscitation equipment was available to the participants: radiant warmer (57; 31.8%), oxygen (63; 35.2%), neonatal Ambu-bag (95; 53.1%), electrical suctioning device (104; 58.1%) and disposable mucus extractor (170; 95%).
The pupils also learned about the impact of drinking on their organs and emergency resuscitation equipment used by paramedics.