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RETAIL. To sell by retail, is to sell by small parcels, and not in the gross. 5 N. S. 279.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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We have reduced retailer commission by approximately 6.5% whereas retail volumes have grown by approximately 20% on year on year basis.
The report found that Middle East markets are attracting an increasing number of international retailers and are competing with established global retail centres, with Dubai climbing CBRE's rankings to share the top position with London as the most targeted retail destination.
Benchmark your performance against the top-quartile tobacco retailers
STAFF at shops, banks, bars, hotels, and restaurants cracked open the champagne to celebrate being honoured as Birmingham's top retailers at a glamorous awards ceremony.
The biggest change in the business has been the method by which people buy fine china, using brick-and-mortar stores to browse and online retailers to buy.
Caption: #3 Retailer Liquor Barn, represented by Jonathan Blue and Ed Harrison.
Meanwhile, 66% of retailers surveyed believe being located near other high-traffic retailers is the most-important priority for their brick-and-mortar locations, followed by convenient parking (52%).
Two groups of milk retailers on Tuesday decided to suspend procurement of milk from the wholesalers to protest the increase of Rs12 per litre by them from March 1.
According to the FTI Consulting Retail Real Estate Beat, just 61 percent of retailers agree or strongly agree that new stores are critical to their sales growth, while as many as 93 percent of landlords agree or strongly agree.
38 per cent of electronic retailer shoppers say that they are rewarded for recommending the brand to someone else, compared to just 29 per cent for fashion retailers, 29 per cent for sporting goods and 12 per cent for supermarkets.