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RETAIL. To sell by retail, is to sell by small parcels, and not in the gross. 5 N. S. 279.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The next chapter talks about the current hot topic of omni channel retailing while the last chapter in this section is totally devoted to online retailing (e-commerce).
In conclusion, this book examines a number of dimensions of retailing in India.
Retailing analysts are among Crate & Barrel's most hard-core fans, giving Segal and his operation high marks for exceptional merchandising and marketing savvy.
Since this group has traditionally supplied labor for retailers, this downward trend will force many retailers to either reduce their demand for labor (through increased use of technology) or be more innovative in attracting this age group to retailing. A third action will be to attract workers from other age groups.
It was tempting to conclude that the Internet might mean the end of retailing as we know it.
In fact, store-based retailing has never been hotter, and leasing trends prove it.
Look outside of the city's hottest retailing areas, such as SoHo and Fifth and Madison avenues, and you will find a surfeit of vacant retail properties.
These findings are contained within Healey & Baker's Main Streets 1996 report, which provides a comprehensive analysis of the international retailing scene.
* Luxury is still the focus on Madison and Fifth avenues, which proves that when it comes to upscale retailing, there can never be too much of good thing.
It provides the community with a new supermarket of the highest quality that will contribute significantly to the revitalization of retailing in North White Plains and the North Castle/White Plains community.
The shops are as upscale as ever, but Madison Avenue retailing has undergone a fundamental change in the last two years.