retain exclusive control

See: monopolize
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* Those seeking to self-direct are largely motivated by the desire to retain exclusive control over at least some of their portfolio and to avoid management fees.
Our position on Question 3 is to vote no, thus retaining the expanding gambling law, not because we believe it to be an economic panacea, but because we see no principle by which the state should retain exclusive control over a legal activity that has no essential role in governance.
The law states that religious organizations and their employees may refuse to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies and reiterates the point that religious organizations retain exclusive control over their doctrine and beliefs.
Agencies that have officers who are involved in deadly force incidents still would be able to conduct their own internal reviews, but the interagency team would retain exclusive control over evidence until it turns a case over to the district attorney's office.
Another plan would see the CWB retain exclusive control over lucrative, boutique export markets, such as Japan and England, while letting entrepreneurial farmers take advantage of the one market they've coveted since the early 1990s--the United States.
Although they lack the lobbying resources of the telecommunications companies, educators fought back to retain exclusive control over ITFS channels.
Last July, Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) wrote to Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson questioning whether the AMA should retain exclusive control over the CPT codes.
The only problem, she warns, is that you won't retain exclusive control of the property.