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Owners pay more attention to retaining walls when faced with transferring their property because the movement in or shifting of a retaining wall may be documented in a survey of the property when it is in the process of being conveyed.
For the First District Court of Appeal, the results were: 90 percent favor retaining Judge Edwin B.
On some very large retaining wall projects, these braces are cast into the concrete with the rest of the wall, and it's referred to as "buttressed.
The organization isn't investing premium dollars in an insured arrangement; it's retaining funds it would otherwise pay out as premiums.
The inspection program, originally offered in 2005, will be available for a period of 90 days, (commencing July 7) and is aimed at providing property owners with an incentive to maintain their private retaining walls.
Retaining prohibited rights: Because the exception was not met, the next step of the Sec.
Each firm had spotty procedures and systems around retaining and restoring email data.
To set up a QPRT, a taxpayer transfers a remainder interest in his or her personal residence to someone else in trust while retaining possession of the residence for a term of years.
75-66, in which a taxpayer transferred 800 acres of real estate to the Federal government, retaining lifetime rights to use and maintain paths on the property to train his hunting dog.
Should the retention period be for some other appropriate period based on consideration of other factors, such as the utility of the records to investors, regulators, or litigants, the cost of retaining the records, or the size of the accounting firm?