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Meanwhile, Mahmoud al-Surji, the spokesman for the (majority-Turkmen) National Mobilization Forces, called on volunteers in Ninevah to form two new military divisions in preparation for an operation to retake the city.
BAGHDAD - Washington is providing reconnaissance support for Iraqi forces fighting to retake Tikrit from the Islamic State group, an official said Tuesday, the first confirmation of American involvement in the operation.
Students can retake the exams they need to graduate during any of three separate testing periods throughout the year.
Since assuming office in September, al-Abadi has reached out to the Kurdish and Sunni minorities and sought to revamp the armed forces, but the army has yet to retake much ground.
By December 2013, after two opportunities to retake the exam, about 22 percent of students had still not passed, despite a rule passed by Williams that let more than 34,000 students who failed either the reading or writing test in English II pass if they had a high enough combined score on reading and writing.
The Retake Season 1 will feature 13 exciting episodes featuring views and reviews on brand new films from India and beyond.
The amendment requires lawyers seeking reinstatement after a lengthy suspension, who are required to retake the bar exam (including the MPRE section), to take the exam before applying for reinstatement.
Summary: San: At least 10 people including three soldiers were killed in an offensive to retake .
May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Starting July 1, 2013, new updates being made to the GRE Program will allow individuals to retake the GRE revised General Test as frequently as once every 21 days, and up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period.
HEADTEACHERS yesterday attacked the decision to make thousands of students retake English GCSEs after the summer grading fiasco.
Now 18 students on the PS11,000-a year Legal Practice Course (LPC) will have to retake their exams in civil and criminal litigation.
Even very competitive university courses like medicine usually allow for a retake and in so far as it is important that A Level assessment isn't completely out of line with what young people are moving onto, it is sensible to accept at least one retake as part of the system.