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Gardner said students were rescheduled to ensure that all students had core courses that meet graduation requirements; Grade 11 and 12 students who need to retake MCAS were identified and scheduled for retakes; and a remedial after-school tutoring program had been developed and started on Sept.
SOUTHBRIDGE -- Last year, dozens of juniors at the middle-high school were not afforded their mandated right to twice retake the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment Systems, first-year Superintendent Patricia Gardner said.
Teenagers could lose the chance to retake A-level modules an unlimited number of times.
Students will feel they don't want to spend another year doing retakes because they want to get to university when their friends are going,' she said.
Data collected included the total number and type of intraoral radiographs taken, the number of clinical retakes, and the technology (direct or indirect) used to make the primary image that required a retake.
Universities increasingly refuse to recognise the results of A level retakes when deciding who to offer places.
Sarah enrolled on a short retake course and took two modules in January when she achieved A grades.
And although the answer was no, it advised her to retake the A-levels she received the lower grades in, with a promise she would be offered a place again the following year if she could get As in both of them.
For example, A-Level retakes can cost as much as pounds 7,410 for three subjects.
Specifically, the document addresses the following three areas: first time and retake pass rates, performance of first time examinees by skill area, students earning CLAST alternatives.
Specifically, a comparison between dropping the lowest test score from the semester and allowing a retake of one test for an improved grade is made.