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New Delhi [India], Jan 15 ( ANI ): Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat on Monday said the ceasefire violations by Pakistan are frequent but the Indian Army retaliates to it effectively.
Similarly, when Israel took out Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981, Saddam Hussein executed Iraqi officials responsible for defence of the reactor but did not retaliate against Israel.
Hezbollah vowed to retaliate, saying: "The resistance will choose the right time and place as well as the appropriate response method.
Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard, the country's most powerful military force, has warned in recent days that it will retaliate should Iranian ships be searched.
Since some forces are attacking and assaulting our cadres, we have decided to retaliate if they attack our cadres.
Iran's president on Thursday said that if the Israelis launch a new war against Lebanon's Hizbullah, the militant group should retaliate strongly enough to "close their case once and for all.
In August, the WTO set out terms for Brazil to retaliate against the U.
Summary: Israel has warned Lebanon it will retaliate with aerial bombardment against southern Lebanon targets next time the Jewish state is attacked by rockets from Lebanon.
AU also urged the county not to retaliate against those exercising their constitutional rights by opposing the plaque.
Olbermann isn't talking, except to imply that Fox's denials of Ailes' threats to retaliate are untrue.
obligations under the agreement and could provoke Mexico to retaliate.
SEB SANDERS, who had earlier made all on Retaliate in the 6f claimer, completed a double at odds of more than 26-1 when Panshir returned to winning form in the 1m handicap.