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Last month Trump imposed tariffs on nearly $200 billion of Chinese imports and then threatened more levies if China retaliated. China then hit back with tariffs on about $60 billion of U.S.
Instead, the company retaliated against those who complained by changing their schedules and reducing their working hours, the EEOC contends.
Kasi kung ano, matagal na most probably nagretaliate yung mga pulis,' he said when asked if the police aggravated by Marabe may have retaliated against the former fiscal.
Israel retaliated to the attack by shelling southern Lebanon with four rockets.
Brandford retaliated in his friend's defence, shouting threatening and abusive language at the man, who shouted back.
A married couple who work for the Lane County Sheriff's Office have filed separate lawsuits in federal court, alleging that sheriff's managers retaliated against them after the woman, Vicki Slater, complained that a manager transmitted inappropriate sexual content over the office e-mail.
Colbert, 43, retaliated by throwing a bottle of water over the billionaire.
A man upset at the portrayal of male nudity on television retaliated by sending indecent pictures of women to the BBC, a court heard.
The FBI badly botched a terrorism investigation in Florida and then falsified documents to cover up the error and retaliated against an FBI whistleblower who tried to expose the wrongdoing.
The Supreme Court is expected to decide this spring on a court case brought by an Alabama girls' high school basketball coach who sued the school board under Title IX claiming it retaliated against him after he complained his team was not enjoying the same privileges as the boys' team.
A state inmate brought a [section] 1983 action alleging that his civil rights were violated when he was shown a racially insensitive drawing or cartoon by a guard, and that he was then retaliated against after he filed a grievance.
After he testified, he says, department officials retaliated against him by knowingly revealing false and misleading information about him to the media.