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By this means he announced that he was prepared to retaliate for any hurt he might receive.
Under these fortunate circumstances, I was able to keep up my character among my friends, when they inquired about the scuffle, by informing them that Gentleman Jones had audaciously slapped my face, and that I had been obliged to retaliate by knocking him down.
Again and again, drinking in the strangeness and the fearsomeness of the world from her lips, I had heard her state that if one offended an Italian, no matter how slightly and unintentionally, he was certain to retaliate by stabbing one in the back.
Let me but retaliate upon him, by degrees, however slow-- let me but begin to get the better of him, let me but turn the scale--and I can bear it.
So Tom, to retaliate, commenced a war upon the swallows who dwelt under the wheelwright's eaves, whom he harassed with sticks and stones; and being fleeter of foot than his enemy, escaped all punishment, and kept him in perpetual anger.
Assad infantry storm into Yarmouk Camp Moscow wants the approval of the Security Council on the Geneva Accord, Washington stipulates sanctions if not implemented AL MOUSTAQBAL: Sleiman steadfast on congratulating ISF on Samaha case, retaliates to "preachers" who claim elections not to take place Iran's defense strategy: Hezbollah to retaliate to Israel ANNAHAR: Conflict under control in Aakar, Rweiss under scrutiny Sleiman from Amcheet to skeptics: No backing down March 14 contains repercussions of release of officers Fate of abductees still unknown, loss of contact with kidnappers AL HAYAT: Damascus reproach Lebanese President for uncovering its apology over Aakar violations Official Lebanese-Syrian tension made public
Under the ruling, Cooley could be held in contempt of federal court if he further retaliates against prosecutors, said attorney Matthew G.