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New Delhi [India], Jan 15 ( ANI ): Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat on Monday said the ceasefire violations by Pakistan are frequent but the Indian Army retaliates to it effectively.
Pakistan Army keeps helping intruders, but we will retaliate strongly if we are forced to do so," he added.
Olbermann isn't talking, except to imply that Fox's denials of Ailes' threats to retaliate are untrue.
This could have terrifying consequences for all of our futures if the US retaliates in haste.
Maybe what we should have is some kind of 'sympathy strike' (mechanism) that when a developing country retaliates, other developed countries.
Guarnero, stated, "this is the only case I have ever seen where a company retaliates and intimidates sexually harassed women by bringing a frivolous action against them.
27, Mathis stood on the steps of City Hall with her husband and two children and announced she was filing a complaint with the state alleging the Los Angeles Fire Department allows gender discrimination, creates a hostile work environment and retaliates against firefighters who speak out.
in the story of a naive film school graduate who retaliates against his boss, an abusive, egomaniacal film producer, by stealing the dailies of a movie-in-progress and holding the reels hostage.