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RETALIATION. The act by which a nation or individual treats another in the same manner that the latter has treated them. For example, if a nation should lay a very heavy tariff on American goods, the United States would be justified in return in laying heavy duties on the manufactures and productions of such country. Vatt. Dr. des Gens, liv. 2, c. 18, Sec. 341. Vide Lex talionis.

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Since President Moon Jae-in took office last May, the Korean government has urged the Chinese government to stop its economic retaliation.
The EEOC's guidance declares that retaliation occurs "when an employer unlawfully takes action against an individual in punishment for exercising rights protected by any of the EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) laws.
Training all managers, supervisors, and employees on the employer's written anti-retaliation policy; Sending a message from top management that retaliation will not be tolerated, providing information on policies and procedures in several different formats and holding periodic refresher training; Tailoring training to address any specific deficits in EEO knowledge and behavioral standards that have arisen in that particular workplace and providing examples on how to avoid problematic situations; Giving advice to managers and supervisors about ensuring discipline and performance evaluations of employees for legitimate, non-retaliatory reasons; Emphasizing that those accused of EEO violations, and in particular managers and supervisors, cannot act on feelings of revenge or retribution.
8% of all EEOC charges is dominated by discrimination charges in alleged form of retaliation against the employee acting on a claim.
Expect the SEC to pursue litigation based on allegations of retaliation based on internal complaints.
However, agreement by the United States to provide the $147 million annual payment staved off Brazil's retaliation, until now.
On appeal, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals found support for the jury's verdict as to retaliation but insufficient evidence of constructive discharge.
Although a cause of action for third-party retaliation is a significant
To the Arkansas Supreme Court, the answer boiled down to this: The Arkansas Civil Rights Act prohibits retaliation by any "person," and the plain meaning of that term includes human beings as well as corporations.
A discusses the circuit court decisions that have held that internal employee complaints are protected from retaliation, and Part III.
recused) that Title VII's ban on workplace retaliation against an employee who challenges discrimination also protects a co-worker who is closely related to the employee who filed the complaint.
HANGU, December 18, 2010 (Balochistan Times): At least 9 people were killed due to mortar shelling in various areas of Hangu and in retaliation by security forces 8 extremists were also gun down.