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(34.) Recognition that a strategy of retaliation against terrorists confers private benefits on the retaliator adds a dimension to the public good.
1998) ("It would follow that employer liability would also be imputed for such retaliatory acts, because in such circumstances, the retaliator is, by definition, acting as the employer.").
LEMMA: For any game of cooperation G(g, [Delta], S), any nice and retaliator i [element of] S and any nonnice j [element of] S, [lim.sub.[Delta] [right arrow] 1] V(i, i) - V(j, i)[is greater than] 0 and [lim.sub.[Delta] [right arrow] 1] [V(j, i) - V(i, j)]/[V(i, i) - V(j, i)] [is less than or equal to] 0.
In addition, an administrative law judge may impose a civil penalty of up to $3,000 against each retaliator, and recommend to the local junsdiction that the retaliator be suspended or dismissed.
LEICESTER: 2.10 My Pleasure, 2.40 Ambitious, 3.10 Shambles, 3.40 Swinging The Blues,4.10 Retaliator, 4.40 Penybont (nap).
Jeremy Noseda's youngster, a son of Lycius, has been knocking at the door for some time now but a repeat of his close third to Retaliator in nursery company at Leicester last time should suffice.
NEWMARKET: 6.20 Delayed Reaction, 6.50 Compatriot, 7.20 Zelanda, 7.50 Sea-Deer, 8.20 Retaliator, 8.50 Kagoshima.
Michael Bell has his string in very good form, and Retaliator maintained the Newmarket trainer's good run when accounting for Grecian Tale in the six-furlong nursery.
However, the instigators and retaliators, with world support, are able to get away with it, never mind the families that are broken as a result of their vicious acts.
* The retaliation argument: Retaliatory protectionist measures are justified against protectionist countries; such retaliators are the real free-traders.
Considering the current state of the world economy, with global power players--led by Trump's America, natch ratcheting up a trade war, let's hope that Tamworth Distilling's new bourbon offering, Eau de Musc escapes the notice of tariff retaliators in Canada, the EU and China.
The Office of Special Counsel is critical to protecting whistleblowers from reprisal and holding retaliators accountable.