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Organic phosphorous compounds are the means of choice for efficient flame retardants for rigid polyurethane foam in order to meet the diverse fire protection requirements in all parts of the world.
'The results imply that both handwashing and house cleaning can be effective ways to reduce exposure to flame retardants and this evidence supports the EPA's recommendations,' said Elizabeth A.
EPA added four "clusters" of flame retardant chemicals to the program.
But flame retardants can achieve their full effect only if the right processing aids are used in the production of the flame-retardant compounds.
Chapter 1 provides a description and analysis of the global market for flame retardants - including forecasts up to 2023: Demand for and revenues generated with flame retardants are provided for each world region.
Earlier this year, Huber purchased the Safire nitrogen and phosphorous flame retardant technology from Floridienne Group and Catena Additives.
"Our plan is to develop a full complement of halogen-free products that meet the most demanding fire retardant requirements our customers are facing."
The required weight of flame retardant is so small that conventional properties of the plastic can be retained.
The study suggests more than two million tonnes of flame retardants were consumed in 2013, owing to the increased demand for plastics in the construction, automotive and electronics industries.
As we know, the mass of fire-retardant treated wood decreases after the extraction with water, which means the fire retardant is lost during the process of extraction.
Provides polymeric, environmentally-friendly, flame retardant solutions to the plastics industry.
TDCPP has long been a major flame retardant used for the polyurethane foam padding in furniture and automobiles, according to Joel Tenney, director of advocacy for flame retardant manufacturer ICL Industrial Products.