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A study was carried out to explore job satisfaction among 112 female teachers working in the centers for children with mental retardation.
Results: Mothers reported positive contribution to family life as a result of caring for a child with mental retardation (Mean: 2.
In 2002, the United States Supreme Court decided Atkins, holding that imposition of the death penalty for defendants with mental retardation violates the Eighth Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.
At the time of the trial back in 2000, the doctor had never even diagnosed mental retardation in a patient before.
It is consistent with an approach that has gotten more and more aggressive in violating the rule that states cannot execute people with mental retardation through a process of defining that category down," said Wilson's attorney, Lee Kovarsky, an assistant professor of law at the University of Maryland.
There is growing consensus among mental health professionals that children, adolescents and adults with mental retardation and other forms of mental illness are more vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation than the general population.
According to the data presented that the symptom of mental retardation was mostly by birth (55.
Since no similar study was conducted in Maharashtra, the present was conducted to have a bird's eye view of the burden of mental retardation in India.
The scientists specifically found that the "fragile X mental retardation protein", which plays a crucial role in the cellular processes involved in learning and memory, needs five other proteins to function normally.
The group homes are intended to enable the state to close four of its six institutions for people with mental retardation as well as comply with a settlement agreement reached in the federal Rolland case.
Fundamentally, they show that the mental retardation results form several developmental, structural, and biochemical primary alterations in different neuronal cell types, caused by the presence of three copies of chromosome 21.
As Lon Mitchell, director of public affairs at the Lucas County (Ohio) Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, told my local newspaper, "One of the arguments against changing our name is, 'Will people who support those levies understand what we're asking for if we don't have the understandable name on the ballot?