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Without waiting for any reply, the trapper walked boldly down the declivity in his front, taking the direction of the encampment, neither quickening his pace in trepidation, nor suffering it to be retarded by fear.
She had no bonnet--nothing on her head but a great cap which, in some old time, had been worn by Sally Brass, whose taste in head-dresses was, as we have seen, peculiar--and her speed was rather retarded than assisted by her shoes, which, being extremely large and slipshod, flew off every now and then, and were difficult to find again, among the crowd of passengers.
CHISHTIAN -- One Ahmad Hassan, a mentally retarded boy is said to have slit the throat of his 4 years old cousin with knife here in Ahmad Pur village of Ali Gohar area.
As noted earlier, it was widely believed that those labeled as mentally retarded had little to no ability to understand the world around them.
The studies carried out in the UK show that in the recent years the existence of mental retarded people is increased and this makes the UK judicial system to give more struggles in recognizing and defining the mental retarded criminals in this regard but this work is very complex and time-consuming affair, too [26].
Special Education courses in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Deaf-Blind, Hearing Impaired, Mentally Retarded and Visually Impaired; B.
A state senator joined anti-death penalty advocates on Friday in calling on Texas to halt next week's execution of Marvin Wilson, whose lawyers argue he is mentally retarded.
In Mentally Retarded Children (Singles Matches) category Victor Lijembe (NTCSP) bagged first position, Abdul Rehman (Special Education Wing, Bahria College) stood second while Muhammad Arslan (NTCSP) retained the third spot.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian parliament urged the international community to make efforts to prevent the execution of a mentally retarded US woman in the state of Virginia, describing it as violation of human rights.
These include the Home for Mentally Retarded Children, Home for Mentally Retarded Adults, School and Home for Mentally Retarded Children, School and Home for Mentally Retarded Adults, Institution for Severe and Profoundly Mentally Retarded Children and Institution for Severe and Profoundly Mentally Retarded Adults.
He said: "Here's the really interesting revelation - she is, in fact, retarded.