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These results provide additional evidence that assorted UV-absorbers and anti-oxidants are effective at retarding brightness of high-brightness mechanical pulps.
Flame Retarding Polystyrene * Crystal polystyrene * SAN * Synergist
NuCycle is very effective at retarding combustion of thermoplastic resins without the use of bromine and phosphorus compounds, and generates no toxic substances when burned and disposed of, NEC notes.
Though buckwheat honey's high antioxidant content suggested it probably would have had the best chance of retarding enzymatic browning, "we couldn't use it," Engeseth says, because its "tarry" color would have darkened foods even in the absence of any oxidation.
The LII program is unique because it provides a treatment regimen tailored to individual needs and causes of aging symptoms at the cellular level, and then continues to manage the patient's progress in retarding those symptoms through follow-up measurements.