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Buyers have to retax a car before they can drive it, with no period of grace.
Come the end of January, you can retax and get 12 months at the old rate, rather than paying up to pounds 245 next July.
Given Mitchell's push to retax the court fees associated with the initial case, one would think he would have pressed Delaney.
The fund management group, which has headquarters in the Port of Liverpool building at the Pier Head, revealedan 11pc slump in p retax profits yesterday.
At present, many cars in the trade are sold on a 'documents to follow' basis and buyers can retax the vehicle without the V5.
Set to Retax Guidelines for Gene-Splitting Research, Was Post, Dec.
Because of illness I was not able to get into the Hertford Street, Coventry, post office to retax my car until Monday, July 1.
Only when the unfortunate buyer goes to retax a car is he or she likely to discover the fraud and the police call after a tip-off from the DVLA.