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When retelling the story children had to think about what part of the story would come next, what algorithm they would need to use to program the Blue-Bot to get there, as well as plan ahead to ensure they used all eight of their storyboard boxes.
When the cognitive literature is searched, one will find a different scenario in regards to the establishment of telling and retelling behaviors when compared to the behavior analytic literature: many studies within the cognitive approach have specifically investigated the effects of visual--more specifically pictorial--prompts on telling and retelling tasks (Gabig, 2008; Lins e Silva & Spinillo, 2000).
and Peggy McCracken document in clear and helpful fashion, the range of retellings of the tale of the Buddha is extraordinary.
On the contrary, questions or probes are asked, but only after the reader has finished the initial retelling.
Lawton noted that retelling the stories of Jesus has been done through popular culture, through the years, pointing out music while art can not be ruled out as an effective way to introduce Jesus and his Easter story to the young minds.
The next major task involved teaching my students how to do a recorded reading and retelling of their partner using a text we were using in class, Mercury and the Woodman (Aesop, 2006).
00 Note: A positive value indicates that the number of descriptions in the retelling phase increased compared to the original telling phase, whereas a negative value indicates that descriptions decreased.
Stahlberg develops a vocabulary of retelling that she says could be used by a reviewer of a novel based on the Bible, or by a biblical scholar.
This retelling is rendered in beautiful 3-D computer illustrations that give life to the story more than any drawing could.
This DVD would be a valuable school resource from Reception to Year 6--the retelling of the Persephone myth being quite sophisticated.
Fiction fans may remember Hendricks's novel Living Water (HarperSanFrancisco, 2003), a retelling of the biblical story of the woman at the well, a story that provides a key example of Jesus' radical political perspective.