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My challenge in Year 3 was to use retells to teach different text forms as well as assess student knowledge of them.
Research assessors typed outlines and oral and written retells for scoring.
First published in 1978 as Art: African America, this work and its subsequent revisions and expansions continually retell and expand the story of African American Art.
Their teacher quietly puts the book away and selects a special helper, Adam, to sit next to her and retell the story.
Allende, the author of numerous bestsellers such as The House of the Spirits and Daughter of Fortune, retells the story of the legendary hero Zorro.
Kindl, author of the YA novels Goose Chase, The Woman in the Wall, and Owl in Love, retells the ancient story of the maze and the Minotaur in this compelling tale.
Data included written surveys, weekly audiotaped and transcribed focus group sessions, written samples of retells, analysis of scores, checklists, surveys, and rubrics, as well as observation/debriefing.
In reading, several possible measurement methods have been investigated, including reading aloud from a passage, reading aloud from word lists, selecting words deleted from text passage (a doze procedure), and oral or written retells (Deno, Mirkin, & Chiang, 1982; Fuchs, Fuchs, & Maxwell, 1988).
Shapeshifters" retells in modern prose and poetry some of the most famous of the Metamorphoses tales from Ovid.
Naturally Bird flies away and retells the remark with a more disastrous slant and the African animal kingdom quickly experiences mushrooming panic that finally returns to Turtle only to be retold and reshaped once again by the marvelous animal rumor mill at the water hole.