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In response the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board pointed out that primary and secondary care services in the area already faced significant challenges in terms of recruitment and retention of staff, demographic changes and the capacity of the board's estate.
The walk-in applications and improvement of working conditions through provision of medical equipment is also contributing to recruitment and retention of staff.
The GMB union believes the increased pay will help with the recruitment and retention of staff to tackle the problems caused by a shortage of paramedics.
I am also concerned about issues relating to the recruitment and retention of staff, and staff morale.
Recruitment and retention of staff is an issue but how then can the minister say in his statement that he expects to appoint additional medical and nursing staff quickly - why can this happen now and didn't happen before?
At the Hotelier GM Debate 2013, this issue was raised as well, with the general consensus being that if GMs or F&B directors gave their FoH the flexibility to deal with customers they would treat the restaurant as their own, rather than just a job, leading to retention of staff and happy customers.
Henry said good pay would always be key to the attraction and retention of staff, but employers could also appeal to Gen Y's sensitivity to their surroundings.
I hope GIP make clear their intentions about retention of staff as soon as possible and reject any job losses or redundancies.
But the spending watchdog stopped short of ruling that the reform provided value for money, as there had been no assessment of the long-term impact of the changes on recruitment, motivation and retention of staff.
He said the company prioritised the retention of staff over profit margins during this time.
There's a growing recognition that there are common challenges facing many countries in nursing skill mix, the recruitment and retention of staff, and what motivates people to choose a career in health.
The review body concluded 'Matters of morale, motivation and training are fundamental to our deliberations by virtue of their relevance to other areas, particularly the recruitment and retention of staff and service delivery'.