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This would help with better patient care, less stressed staff, improved retention of staff and less sick leave.
Progressively during this time, I have seen an increasing emphasis on budget constraints and a lesser emphasis on quality patient care and recruitment and retention of staff.
The Tories are also talking about local pay bargaining which would introduce instability to the system in terms of recruitment and retention of staff.
Other factors that could cause such differences include the pace and timing of the consummation and integration of past and future acquisitions, the Company's ability to realize cost savings and efficiencies, competitive and general economic conditions, retention of staff and clients and other risks described under the heading "Item 1A.
She said: "When we talk to businesses one of the things they say is how important image is for recruitment and retention of staff.
I certainly think [domestic-partner benefits are an] important thing to have, and I believe that the university's recruitment and retention of staff and faculty depends on benefits of that sort.
She said: "The HSE has a problem with recruitment and retention of staff.
April: Retention of Staff Through Work-Life Balance
The BHB funding was on the premise of benefiting racing staff by having an effective union that would protect and improve working conditions and encourage recruitment, training and retention of staff, and thus benefit racing.
He told the Daily Telegraph the Chancellor was threatening to put in reverse the policy of raising pay for health services to help recruitment and retention of staff.
After surveying its legal assistance grantees, the Foundation re-established its Law School Loan Repayment Assistance Program in 2002-03 to improve recruitment and retention of staff legal aid attorneys.
The awards were introduced for the first time this year to encourage greater flexibility of working and boost the recruitment and retention of staff.