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Problems relating to recruitment and retention of staff are not new.
She said: "The HSE has a problem with recruitment and retention of staff. In current circumstances the health service is not an attractive place for nurses.
April: Retention of Staff Through Work-Life Balance
The BHB funding was on the premise of benefiting racing staff by having an effective union that would protect and improve working conditions and encourage recruitment, training and retention of staff, and thus benefit racing.
He told the Daily Telegraph the Chancellor was threatening to put in reverse the policy of raising pay for health services to help recruitment and retention of staff.
After surveying its legal assistance grantees, the Foundation re-established its Law School Loan Repayment Assistance Program in 2002-03 to improve recruitment and retention of staff legal aid attorneys.
The awards were introduced for the first time this year to encourage greater flexibility of working and boost the recruitment and retention of staff.
The results apparently also show that retention of staff is beginning to become more of a problem, as in last year's study only 7% of companies indicated that they were experiencing problems retaining IT staff while the figure has now risen to 17%.
Issues such as the training and retention of staff at the region's 294 call centres, along with maximising profitability and performance, will be focused on in the report which will be published in June next year.
(Some of the benefits to businesses are as follows: (1) developing brand reputation and customer loyalty; (2) networking with other businesses and local and national government; (3) improving recruitment and retention of staff; (4) developing employee skills; (5) developing new market places for goods and services; (6) understanding market opportunities by working with customers in new ways; and (7) increasing the number of people who can make use of e-business.
It also improves the training, recruitment and retention of staff. All of this, of course, leads to a more effective operation, which in turn protects the bottom line.
Citing the merger of six of ten Provincial Psychiatric Hospitals with general hospitals along with privatizing and provincial cuts in funding for community programs as the source of "devastating effects" on mental health care, the report also says "the recruitment and retention of staff has never been more difficult."