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Our goal in creating the Rethink Robotics Video Challenge was to raise awareness of the tremendous amount of unique, cutting-edge research being conducted using collaborative robots that advances our collective education.
The bank said that the finance minister needs to rethink terms of a bank surcharge if he wanted to encourage so-called challenger banks.
Led by partner Graham Elsworth and director Dougal Baxter, BDO provided financial due diligence to Rethink on the acquisition of Consort and to BGF on its investment in Rethink.
Gez Sharp huddersfield examiner Kirklees Council to rethink on controversial taxi penalty points policy as drivers protest outside Huddersfield town hall Why the rethink?
Louise Salt, of Rethink Mental Illness in Coventry, added: "We believe that everyone with a mental health problem can recover a good quality of life.
Retired vicar and Rethink Mental Illness campaigner Dick Acworth, who is leading the campaign, said the system was deeply flawed and needed reviewing.
Dr Sally Wise, associate clinical director and consultant psychiatrist at Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust, said: "We have an excellent track record of working with national and regional partners to improve services for people with schizophrenia and psychosis and are looking forward to working with Rethink Mental Illness on this important project.
Meabh Austin Development Officer at FareShare Island of Island received Au10,000 through the Rethink Waste revenue fund last year.
However, the two hours it takes to read Rethink forces the reader to dwell on the "what' versus "how" question, and that can be some very revelatory and inspired thinking indeed.
Will make you rethink your Christmas shopping list, but otherwise unconvincing and unfocused as storytelling.
ReThink Paper would prefer to see North American paper producers convert existing mills to process locally generated agricultural waste, such as wheat or rice straw, which farmers otherwise have no market for.
In our engagement with Muslim neighbors we must rethink our seeming imprisonment in U.