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I challenge New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy readers to find a copy of the book, select and read any chapter and come away rethinking your own practice.
The essays in Rethinking Journalism's first section work to dissect the paradigm of journalism, its pseudo-authoritative role in the manufacture of the 'truth', highlighting the rising toll of lost credibility in the fact-checking digital age.
Rethinking Risk is a guide that leaders in any industry or sector may want to consult.
adults, Rethinking Drinking presents single-day and weekly low-risk limits for men and women.
com, the automaker planned to launch a diesel version of F-150 in 2010, but the automaker is presently rethinking those plans because of the high price of diesel fuel.
The Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative was started to advocate for a complete rethink of the way libraries conduct resource sharing in the context of the global internet.
2) Originally published by Little, Brown & Co, Rethinking Criminal Law is now published by Oxford University Press.
Rethinking the future: Rethinking business, principles, competition, control and complexity, leadership, markets, and the world.
The Line Between Us does what Rethinking Schools does best--takes complicated issues and makes them accessible for teaching.
The rethinking of car design embodied by the Smart Car parallels the story of 340 Madison: In a remarkable engineering and architectural feat, Macklowe transformed an obsolete 22-story, 550,000 s/f irregularly shaped building in the heart of New York's midtown business district into a breathtakingly modern 750,000 s/f glass office tower.
3) However, Luther represents a "retreat into Arabia" for rethinking the gospel message.
Cartoon second thoughts: The newly merged WB/UPN network is rethinking its first joint effort.