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Rethinking Mathematics: Teaching Social Justice by the Numbers, offers a small, but important, antidote.
Morgan's book Rethinking Social Realism could not have appeared at a better time.
Reform, although the dominant idea of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century England, emphatically asserts itself in just one of these works--Burns' and Innes' Rethinking the Age of Reform.
Rethinking Construction is a Government-backed initiative aimed at improving the performance of the industry through better health and safety, customer service and business focus.
On a more academic note, Rethinking Welfare argues against civil society led reform measures and theoretical paradigms that fail to consider structural forces and class conflict.
Rethinking wasps and figs may rock some established ideas, but Herre says the finding does solve some puzzles in theories of resource allocation between sons and daughters.
Rethinking Construction is the banner under which the construction industry, its clients and the Government are working together to improve UK construction performance.
If one or two images suggest a rereading or rethinking of the site, most are merely exercises in architectural pyrotechnics.
What is needed, in fact, is a total transformation of the LTC industry and a rethinking of the way services are delivered.
We must soon recognize that a finite world requires stabilization of population and rethinking of consumption patterns.
IBM's belief in incrementalism got in the way of its evident need for a complete rethinking of its structure and its mission.
Educational futures; rethinking theory and practice; v.