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A Pak news website quoted actor's ' viewpoints' on Kashmir Rani Mukerji is among the most reticent celebrities in Bollywood.
Underreporting is estimated by comparing reticent managers' answers to questions about corruption with less reticent managers' answers to the same questions.
THE Bank of England's approach to the cutting of interest rates is so gradual that it cannot but appear reticent.
CRAIG BELLAMY may be a shy and retiring type - but readers weren't so reticent when it come to entering our Crazy Caption competition last week.
In view of the strained relationship that sometimes prevails between this column and the trainers' trade body, it was perhaps as well that other, usually reticent, observers and this paper's Chatroom contributors highlighted the sheer lack of appreciation of their responsibilities and arrogance among certain licensed professionals.
I've done well in practice but I'm reticent to make any bold statements because playing in these games is a different proposition altogether.
In contrast, older MySpace users are much more reticent about using bad language.
But there were worrying signs from Anfield this week when George Gillett, who is as talkative as Malcolm Glazer is reticent, had this to say: "Each one of our sports businesses has a core concept .
This seems unlikely, given he is famously reticent about parading his private life in public, but we can but hope, eh?
Says Sainsbury's Bank's loans manager Steven Baillie: "Haggling could save drivers hundreds, even thousands of pounds, but many of us are reticent to do t his.