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My purpose in this essay is, in part, to ask why Coetzee avoided such access and had no interest in passing, even though this may have forestalled the loss he reticently articulates in the final interview of Doubling the Point: "For a variety of reasons, he ceases visiting the family farm, the place on earth he has defined, imagined, constructed, as his place of origin" (Coetzee 1992: 393-94).
The NFL owners reticently agreed to the current CBA in large part to preserve a salary cap.
The overlapping genres of scientific fiction and horror treat their monstrous creatures less reticently.
Despite the presence of intensity generator Michael Shannon ("World Trade Center") as Son, the film's acting generally walks a blurry line between reticently understated and amateurish.
Thus explained, that is, using inverted commas, they may reticently admit that case, but, at the same time, the explanation and the one who receives such explanation still assumes that on the one hand there are expectations and on the other hand, reality.
Chef Cal Stamenov reticently agrees he is one of those intangibles.
In an age when bookmakers are only too keen to highlight losing figures, Hills reticently reported they were still trying to calculate the final numbers with a host of small betting-shop wagers having slipped under the radar.
Toronto performance poet and former radio personality Jemeni, for example, brings an unabashed directness to the collection that is elsewhere inlaid more reticently.
How many people have necessarily been misled by those who reticently explain that the Attorney-General's or Defence Department employs them?