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Betty Heywood, a Boston patriot and the hero of the play, is taking leave of her mother who, reticently, brought her to visit her ailing friend Rachel Winslow, the daughter of Tory Loyalists.
Just as reticently, they labeled themselves as loyal subjects or private citizens.
Toronto performance poet and former radio personality Jemeni, for example, brings an unabashed directness to the collection that is elsewhere inlaid more reticently.
How many people have necessarily been misled by those who reticently explain that the Attorney-General's or Defence Department employs them?
8) At a recent writing center conference, we observed how reticently, almost apologetically, various speakers proposed ideas such as directive learning protocols, which (heretically) center the tutor somewhat in learning transactions.
Jo's father, David, reticently displays all of the emotional pain, ambivalence, and bewilderment of a parent whose child has inexplicably disappeared and then has re-emerged after fifteen years of no contact.
Many people, who may seem rather bitter in middle age, by seventy are mainly grateful for having lived, willy-nilly, though quite round-shouldered from having rolled with the punches, and reticently proud of that.
The technical assessor, Salma Samar Damluji, reticently describes the general urban fabric as being 'rather drab', with only a couple of old buildings of any quality.
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PC OS) is a diagnosis that should be made very reticently early on, he said.
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a diagnosis that should be made very reticently early on, he said.
107) Strict formalism, however, is deficient as a theory of equal protection because it only reticently takes into account the fact that majoritarian decisions may suffer from constitutional defects.