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(12) Presence of reticular drusen, a variant of soft drusen, is thought to be a risk factor for late AMD.
Phenomena inscribed in micro or macro spaces, but well understood when we use the methodology of analysis of social networks; and it is worth highlighting this point that, regardless of whether we are addressing face-to-face or Internet-mediated interactions, the reticular phenomenon has the same structural configurations--keeping the specificities of each of the fields of analysis--of this theoretical and methodological tool.
Reticular oral LP was the most common variant seen in 75% of total cases of oral LP followed by erosive oral LP seen in 25%.
Results of pancytokeratin staining revealed abundant brown antigen binding in 80% of the cytoplasm of the reticular cells; most lymphoid cells showed detectable antigen in the cytoplasm by using CD3 antibodies (Figs IE and F).
In addition, our second case had reticular infiltrations on the basis of the lungs.
The reticular type of OLP was present in every single case, while erosions (erosive OLP) [18], white plaques (hypertrophic OLP) [19], or erythema (atrophic OLP) [21] were also present in three cases.
Chatziralli, "Perspectives on reticular pseudodrusen in age-related macular degeneration," Survey of Ophthalmology, vol.
The connective tissue of the interstitium composed of mainly of collagen fibres, few reticular fibres in both groups studied.
An x-ray chest is the ultimate criteria for confirmation of pneumonia and the prominent findings are consolidation in 34% children and reticular shadowing in 30% children in the study by Bada et al and Magree et al7,8.
NSIP: The presence of ground glass opacities, irregular linear or reticular infiltrates and associated with traction bronchiectasis with most commonly bilateral and symmetrical distribution.
Yaghi, received this award in recognition of his ground-breaking scientific contributions in making materials by stitching organic and inorganic units through strong bonds into robust, porous crystalline metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), and covalent organic frameworks (COFs), and for establishing a new field of chemistry - Reticular Chemistry;the significant achievement that brought him the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize in Nanoscienceand Nanotechnology in 2015.
Potential foreign bodies in reticulum results in traumatic reticuloperitonitis, reticular abscess, reticulophrenic adhesions, traumatic pericarditis and reticular diaphragmatic hernia depending upon site of reticular perforation and lesions caused (Venkataramanan et al., 2010).