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15]; velum coverage 80-100%; megaspores with low tubercles or broad ridges (mounds) of even height in broken to evenly reticulate pattern [Fig.
1x as wide as mesosoma; occiput rather weakly, transversely reticulate-coriaceous; hyperoccipital carina faintly evident; vertex finely reticulate-coriaceous laterally (not transversely so), between ocelli smooth and with weak transverse striae medially; frons smooth on mid area in upper half, finely reticulate here towards sides, in lower half with weak, oblique reticulate-coriaceous sculpture.
margin, tertiary vein category random reticulate, and fourth- and
For instance, in the area of Oceanic prehistory it is expressed by John Terrell (1986; 1988), a contributor to a recent debate which in part confronts reticulate versus phylogenetic models as applied to the ethnographic record of northern New Guinea (Welsch et al.
25x as wide as mesosoma; occiput rather markedly, half-circularly striated all over, with an inconspicuous hyperoccipital carina mixed with the striation; vertex finely reticulatecoriaceous, with weak transverse striation behind ocelli and a few weak transverse wrinkles lateral to ocelli; frons smooth in most of upper half, with faint transverse reticulation along inner orbits, in lower half finely and obliquely reticulate all over, only very few wrinkles just above antennal insertions transverse.
2009), in the southern part of South America there is a group of species with reticulate megaspores that is very complex taxonomically.
Since elementary and reticulate bodies are similar in both Chlamydiaceae and Parachlamydiaceae (6), Chlamydiales cannot be identified in a specimen solely by electron microscopy.
5 as long as segment 1; posterior surface of propodeum with 2 complete longitudinal keels; head almost completely reticulate rugose, black, except mandibles testaceous; scutum and scutellum punctate, without sculpture among punctures; notauli present.
Species of Isoetes from Rio Grande do Sul have either reticulate or tuberculate-rugulate to rugulate megaspores.
His initial forays into enzyme electrophoresis shed light on such diverse topics as the breeding system of ferns, the role of cryptic taxa in reticulate lineages, and the contributions of paleo- and neopolyploidy to fern systematics and evolution.
expolitus; almost completely reticulate rugose, with only the anterior surface of the median region granulated in D.
The subgenus can be distinguished from other New World subgenera by the reduced pinnae at the base of blades, veins reaching the margins above the sinuses, finely reticulate sporoderm, and x=29 (Mickel and Smith, 2004).