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SEM showed reticulate surface pattern with regular to irregular polygonal, epidermal cell shape varies from isodiametric, raised, straight; smooth anticlinal cell walls and flat to concave: macro-reticulate periclinal cell walls "Figure 3A and B".
Dermatopathia pigmentosa reticularis comprises of the clinical triad of reticulate hyper-pigmentation, non-scarring alopecia and ony-chodystrophy.
laxmi nair: Confluent & reticulate papillomatosis 1990 volume 56 issue page 48-49.
1x as wide as mesosoma; occiput rather weakly, transversely reticulate-coriaceous; hyperoccipital carina faintly evident; vertex finely reticulate-coriaceous laterally (not transversely so), between ocelli smooth and with weak transverse striae medially; frons smooth on mid area in upper half, finely reticulate here towards sides, in lower half with weak, oblique reticulate-coriaceous sculpture.
2nd metasomal tergite with sparse white setae laterally, reticulate in posterior 1/2-1/3, all subsequent tergites uniformly and entirely reticulate.
Apocolpium and aperture area are psilate or slightly reticulate.
Keratosis lichenoides chronica (KLC), also known as Nekam's disease, is a rare dermatological disorder of keratinization characterized by development of violaceous, hyperkeratotic papules and nodules typically arranged in a linear or reticulate pattern, mostly localized on the extremities and buttocks and accompanied by facial lesions resembling seborrheic dermatitis.
Scutum granulated or completely or partly reticulate rugose 27' 27'.
CASE REPORT: A 35-year-old woman presented with reticulate hyperpigmented skin lesions over the face, chest, back, axillae and flexures since 5 years.
4x as wide as mesosoma (22:16); occiput almost smooth, with traces of weak transverse wrinkling and about 20 seta-implantations on central part of occiput (behind ocellar area); hyperoccipital carina weak but complete; vertex finely reticulate (not transversely so), with three weak and incomplete transverse carinae just in front of hyperoccipital carina; frons with weak reticulate sculpture, in lower two-thirds becoming fan-like out from a smoother impressed midline, with transverse wrinkles just above antennal insertions.
Once activated, a reticulate pattern is seen when the display is viewed from the side.
Texas: Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge: reticulate collared lizard, Mexican burrowing toad, and speckled racer; Roy E.