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This is in contrast with opinions of some authors, who believe that reticulated platelets are large platelets.
Although imperfections and material non-linearities often prevent most practical structures from achieving the theoretical elastic buckling capacity, the eigenvalue buckling analysis is still a very useful tool to estimate the critical load and buckling modes for single-layer reticulated shells.
Female reticulated pythons are capable of laying between 60 and 100 eggs at a time, which take between 70 and 90 days to hatch.
Zookeepers and vets from Chester Zoo and cardiologists from Cardiff Met work together to perform a health check, including the first ultrasound performed on a reticulated python
New technologies have been introduced recently which rely on fluorescence methods to recognize reticulated immature platelets and thus determine the cause of thrombocytopenia.
The maximum width is at the sharp aboral margin, carina is reticulated or laciniated.
Reticulated Basket and Stand (c 1815) comprises a footed open-weave basket set atop a matching plate.
Medusa is set to knock off Fluffy, a reticulated 24-feet long python, off the top spot, who held the record for the longest snake in captivity until she died at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio in October last year.
0 times WR; pre-reticulated part densely covered in strong spinules and scales, with imbricate margin; reticulated over 3743% of its length, with more or less 8 cells per row; flange small or absent.
Some other extraordinary records include: Fluffy the reticulated python from Columbus Zoo, Ohio who becomes the longest snake in captivity, slithering in at 24ft.
WEST Midland Safari Park have unveiled their latest addition to the reptile collection - a 17ft reticulated python.
Reticulated, Baringo and Thornicroft are varieties of which African animal?