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All patients with VA less than 6/6 were refracted with Neitz retinoscope and Topcon auto-refractometer.
The retinoscope is very accurate - it is used to test the sight of very small children, or people with communication difficulties who can't easily describe how clearly they can see.
The money will purchase a retinoscope and opthalmoscope set.
It doesn't matter if they're too young to read a letter chart because Eyesite has a special instrument called a retinoscope which enables them to discover if a visual problem exists.
The group used a retinoscope to detect visual defects, including myopia.
Would I invest in an auto-refractor when I have my trusty retinoscope? Apart from the 'bling/ what does an auto-refractor add?
Retinopathy was diagnosed by detailed fundus examination by retinoscope and classified into diabetic maculopathy, nonproliferative retinopathy, and proliferative retinopathy.
Ocular refraction was measured with a streak retinoscope 30 minutes after the last drop.
Dry refraction was done using a streak retinoscope for all patients above the age of 10 years.
After cycloplegia with cyclopentolate eye drops, her refractive examination with retinoscope revealed -2.0 diopters in the right and -8.0 diopters in the left eye.