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While the Retirement Red Zone[SM] is no time to take the risks of someone with a very long time horizon, it also is not a good idea to dramatically ratchet down risk, not only because people spend so much time in retirement, but also because a comfortable level of risk should not be discounted purely for tradition's sake.
No matter how or when the current budget dispute works itself out, the failure of a few advocacy groups to use "Mediscare" tactics to cower wavering legislators bodes well for reforming Social Security, the 800-pound gorilla of retirement programs.
The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of retirements on.
Sun Life Financial Survey Finds Layoffs, Illness, Injury and Family Obligations Can Necessitate Retirement Years Before Retirees Are Financially Prepared
Insurers are recruiting and educating financial professionals to meet the expected rise in demand for retirement planning.
With American workers turning 60 at the rate of one every eight seconds, Prudential Retirement, a business of Prudential Financial (NYSE:PRU), has responded to the pending "retirement revolution" by introducing Prudential IncomeFlex(SM), a new patent-pending defined contribution plan feature that combines the security of lifetime income with the opportunity to capture market upswings and the flexibility to control fund assets.
Lack of Retirement Preparedness and Pervasive Fear of Stock Market Investing Indicates Need to Re-define "Retirement Risk Tolerance"
But, according to our findings, it's really just a first step toward reinventing today's DC plans in a way that can deliver worry-free, abundant, and secure retirements," Kim added.
Meanwhile, more than half of pre-retirees (57 percent) and almost half of retirees (47 percent) expressed concern that Social Security may be cut back during their retirements.
As the honorary chairperson of the National Retirement Planning Coalition (NRPC), Stein is conducting a summer campaign of speaking engagements and press interviews to educate Americans on the importance of financial literacy and the need to prepare for their financial futures.
BOSTON -- Many Educators Delaying Retirement Due to Concerns about Health Care Coverage
When parents have to choose between saving for their kids' college educations and saving for their own retirement, retirement wins, according to the fourth annual Allstate "Retirement Reality Check" survey.