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The very ethos of Retold is to start retelling the story and there is a real 'green factor' about shopping with us [for example, we use recycled paper shopping bags for all purchases].
Love, Retold is an apt title -- Wolf's book doesn't necessarily aim to redraw the lines of a largely monogamous society; instead, by relating her personal experiences, she looks to encourage individuals to simply find what works best for them and embrace it.
In regards to the number of words retold, similar results to the ones on categories inserted were found: there was no consistent increase in the number of words retold when pictures were presented, even when the story was comprised of more words.
Even follow-up questions based on what the reader has retold have the potential to produce understandings not originally constructed.
Chinese Fables is an anthology of ninety timeless Chinese fables selected and retold by Mary W.
The students also wrote original word problems and retold them with partners.
A magnificent addition to any family, school, or community library Christmas picturebook collection, "The Nutcracker" is a classic Christmas story that is beautifully retold by internationally renowned ballerina Karen Kain and marvelously illustrated by the museum quality artwork of Rajka Kupesic.
Three Kings and a Star Retold end illustrated by Fred Cramp Jr.
In the limited number of studies conducted using story retelling as a strategy for skill development, positive results were found for increased ability in comprehension, language development, and the inclusion of structural elements in children's retold stories (Gambrell, Koskinen, & Kapinus, 1991; Gambrell, Pfeiffer, & Wilson, 1985; Morrow, 1985).