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He said: "Admiral Sir Sandy Woodward will always be remembered for his powerful and clear command of the Royal Navy Task Force that retook the Falkland Islands in 1982.
UNAMID in a statement released saying that on Tuesday morning the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) retook Labado after "fierce fighting, which resulted in the death of four civilians and the wounding of six others".
DISGRACED peer Lord Mike Watson retook his seat in the House of Lords yesterday.
Gotovina was accused of giving his troops unrestrained freedom to plunder villages when they retook the Serb minority region of Krajina of Croatia, which had fallen to Serb forces in 1991.
In March of 1945, the bishop, then a priest, was rounded up along with many Ukrainian Catholic Eastern-rite clergy after the Soviets retook Ukraine from the Arctic circle.
Myanmar government troops on Wednesday retook one of three strategic posts held by an ethnic Shan rebel group near the border with Thailand, a Thai army officer said.
Hernandez took 11 units this fall and retook the SAT.
In addition to continuing its longstanding lead in the worldwide x86 server market with the HP ProLiant line, HP retook the No.