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The provision of a service maintenance contract for the peloris ii dual retort rapid tissue processors used within cellular pathology at the hull & east yorkshire hospitals nhs trust.
The Ampac retort pouches are used in NASA's thermostabilized pouch processing program.
The high-strength and dimensional stability enables it to withstand the rigors of the converting process and the intense high heat and pressure of retort sterilization.
The retort packs are primarily used to store heat-treated food.
Under conductive cooling, retort processing at 100 C yielded a 92.
In line with that strategy, the group has now completed an investment in Continuous Retorts Ltd (CRL), a designer and manufacturer of food processing equipment, taking a major stake in the Newcastle business.
The global retort packaging market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.
Apec's report said the attractive large spaces of Retort House and Coal Store remained and were enhanced by the appearance of the original cast-iron and timber roof trusses.
Very little of the early Retort House and Coal Store remain visible although there is likely to be significant subterranean evidence of what originally existed and future archaeological excavation may reveal more information about the workings of Retort House.
In addition to Lagarde, Holmach represents Terlet and Roboqbo in the UK for cook-cool vessels, Revtech for decontamination of dried products, Niko for in-container tunnel pasteurisers and coolers, CFT for fillers and seamers, and Jorgensen for retort handling systems.
After being crushed and screened, oil shale which particle size is below 10 mm is seen as tailings, while that particle size ranged 10~75 mm is in the retort furnace [5-6].
reports that it has expanded its line of Torayfan TreaTear directional-tear polypropylene sealant films, introduced in 2010 for retort applications, to include Torayfan TreaTear LT52 and LT72 films for non-retort applications.