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'Then dean't shut it at all,' retorted John Browdie.
'Pray,' retorts Edwin, turning merely his eyes in that direction,
'I know them all, sir, I can distinguish well--' he retorted, almost mad with rage.
'I tell you,' retorted Bradley, turning upon him in a wild and desperate manner, 'you asked me something, before I went out to wash my face in the river.
"Well, you didn't slap him or seem a bit cross," retorted Davy.
"YOU thinking!" retorted Davy with withering scorn.
"Nay," retorted the stranger quietly, "I was not offering to smite him while he was down.
"But if the Selenites are six times smaller?" retorted Nicholl.
'We'd have had a young gentleman to meet you, if we had known you were coming,' retorted Master Kidderminster, nothing abashed.
'It's all the same to me what he is or what he is not, whether in English or whether in French,' retorted Mr.
"You might be a coward yourself, if you knew you were liable to spoil!" retorted Jack, angrily.
The air chief further said that being the custodians of a sparkling legacy of brave air warriors, each personnel of PAF had displayed selfless devotion and matchless grit during operation Swift Retort.