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Search me," would come the pawnbroker's retort, accompanied by an incredulous shrug of the shoulders.
Edwin has made his retort with an abruptness not at all polite.
Perhaps, the best civility, whatever kind of people we are brought up among,' retorts Edwin Drood, 'is to mind our own business.
Pray,' retorts Edwin, turning merely his eyes in that direction,
This repudiation was not only an act of deliberate policy on Fledgeby's part, in case of his being surprised by any other caller, but was also a retort upon Miss Wren for her over-sharpness, and a pleasant instance of his humour as regarded the old Jew.
The white night-cap, embellished with two peacock's feathers and a pigtail bolt upright, in which Signor Jupe had that very afternoon enlivened the varied performances with his chaste Shaksperean quips and retorts, hung upon a nail; but no other portion of his wardrobe, or other token of himself or his pursuits, was to be seen anywhere.
Firstly, oil shale is transported into a retort furnace to produce shale oil, semicoke and retorting gas.
Canadian scientists modified a conventional static steam retort device into a reciprocating container agitation retort.
The process - called a continuous retort - means pouches and packs can be produced at similar or even lower prices per unit than tins, processing up to 1,200 packs per minute, using around half the energy and a quarter of the factory space needed for batch retorts.
com/research/37qspp/global_retort) has announced the addition of the "Global Retort Pouches Market 2015-2019" report to their offering.
Councillors have given the green light for the historic Gas Retort House, between Berkley Street and Gas Street, to be turned into a church centre and cafe.