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Well, you didn't slap him or seem a bit cross," retorted Davy.
If you had to read seven chapters of it every time you were naughty I don't believe you would like it either," retorted Sara Ray with a flash of spirit.
It was such a rare thing to find a patient man that when one was really discovered they were determined he shouldn't be forgotten," retorted Miss Cornelia triumphantly.
Thank you, 'Tilda, dear,' retorted Miss Squeers, majestically.
retorted Nicholl, who, under the influence of this unaccountable intoxication, was very contradictory.
Maybe; but I never did set much store by black hair--shows gray too soon," retorted Mrs.
Answering me, Miggs, and providing yourself,' retorted her mistress, looking round with dignity, 'is one and the same thing.
It's all the same to me what he is or what he is not, whether in English or whether in French,' retorted Mr.
Don't say so,' retorted Fledgeby, secretly exultant as the old man stretched out his hands, with a shrinking action of defending himself against the sharp construction of the two observers.
Of course you do,' retorted the dwarf, viciously snapping at his words.
While Hizbullah preserves and venerates private property, entrepreneurship must abide by the law by accommodating itself to natural reserve requirements, he retorted.
So, oil shale with small particle size should first be pressed into balls and then the balls can be retorted in the Fushun retort.