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Computer models applicable to in situ oil shale retorting have been reported and used to analyze bench scale and field pilot tests under various conditions [10-16].
They found that HPTS may reduce the levels of food processing contaminants in products and create sterile foods that are similar to products that have undergone retorting.
At present, the processing technologies for shale oil production can be divided into two categories: Surface retorting and in original technology also known as in-situ technology.
To determine the effect of the new gas inlet structure on the gas flow distribution in the retort, the gas flow velocity at the same positions of the retorting zone was measured.
Firstly, oil shale is transported into a retort furnace to produce shale oil, semicoke and retorting gas.
Faster retorting has long been an ambition of the food canning and bottling sectors," said Prof Richardson.
The retorting zone is divided into three parts--A, B and C, by three support structures (Fig.
The automation aspects are only one part of the whole picture of a new era of retorting low-acid foods.
Without a government commitment and significant public investment, industry investment in the long-term, high-risk basic research and applied oil shale technology R&D needed to make mining, retorting and processing oil shale more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally benign may not be adequate to meet the nation's needs and achieve domestic energy production goals.
Moreover, oil shale can yield shale oil, retorting gas (combustible) and semi-coke by retorting, shale oil can be used to produce gasoline and diesel through hydrogenation.
Tests on cream-style corn hot-filled at approximately 190 F have shown no color changes until after retorting.
With the acquisition of Allpax, Pro Mach adds retorting and sterilization capabilities to its diverse packaging portfolio.