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It is possible using patterns of scar location and superimposition to determine the general pattern of retouching on points, including the first surface to be retouched and the ordering of subsequent retouch on the dorsal and ventral surfaces.
A second way of investigating changes in retouch location is to examine the evenness of retouch distribution across the 16 segments used to calculate the II.
Some ventral retouch was added early in the sequence if points were destined for bifacial stages, whereas unifacial points continued to be retouched around the perimeter until the entire dorsal surface was entirely invasively flaked (Figure 9D).
3% of early stage points have this early alternate retouch as opposed to the 80% that show initial retouch on the dorsal surface.
But the Tigers appealed that North failed to retouch third on his return trip to second and umpire Larry Napp upheld the appeal declaring North out on the play.
The Orioles appealed and umpire Nick Bremigan called the runner out for failing to retouch second base while advancing.
Sanders also classified scrapers according to a number of secondary variables, such as the type and shape of retouch, to try and identify hafting and the types of materials worked.
Sanders also used the names `casual' and `deliberate' to distinguish between artefacts believed to represent expedient retouch and discard and those that seemed better designed and executed.
Unfortunately, reliable methods for the measurement of retouch intensity did not exist at that time.
It is possible to develop a reduction sequence model for Ingaladdi scrapers by observing changes in four of the attributes Sanders used to classify scrapers as the average index of unifacial retouch increases.
Imagine you had to retouch three portraits: an athletic student, a corporate executive, and a successful judge.
I approach each retouch with this five-step strategy of "assess, remove distractions, flatter contours, enhance facial features, and evaluate.