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IMPACT DIGITAL's master retoucher David Moran did an amazing job, I think what he did is beyond retouching and was more of an artistic collaboration.
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These residues could derive from two sources: bone or antler used as hammers or retouchers in stone tool manufacture or the modification of bone or antler with stone.
Sponsored by Adobe Systems Incorporated and produced by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), this extraordinary conference - now in its tenth year - offers graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, Web developers, retouchers, video pros, and Photoshop users of all skill levels and interests the absolute latest in digital imaging and design education.
Customers post photos directly to the site or send them via email or cell phone, and then a team of professional image retouchers return the pictures -- fixed, restored, color corrected or sharpened -- in about 24 hours.
Operation Photo Rescue, a not-for-profit organization, currently has 725 volunteer image retouchers who use their skills to restore storm-damaged images.
Patent-pending, proprietary technologies and processes combined with a staff of trained photo retouchers enable Bellamax to deliver photographs that have been optimized for the web and printing.
BARCO Graphics targets specialized markets: packaging designers and printers, magazine and book printers, newspapers, variable information publishers, high-volume or large-format commercial printers, and decorative & textile, cartography, ceramics, and security printers, as well as high-end photo retouchers and design bureaus.