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Master magicians at manipulating images and sought out by top photographers, Barking Pixel showcases highly sophisticated retouching gallery
com offers world-class digital photo enhancement and correction that, until now, available only to those with the skill or the money for professional retouching.
Mapping out a portrait retouch strategy will make your retouching time more efficient and effective.
0 is a major update featuring Lasso and Polygonal Lasso Selection tools, the enhanced interface and reworked algorithms that now provide even better retouching quality in less time.
Companies who require retouching and other film services include printers, publishers, corporate marketing departments, ad agencies, or any business utilizing graphic arts print media.
Retouching vinyl car roofs -- Another way to avoid a complete refinishing job.
The software, developed in response to requests from current high-volume photofinishing customers, is a product version of Bellamax's professional digital imaging service, incorporating its patent-pending assembly line color and exposure correction, sharpening, and retouching technology.
The LiDE 25 scanner also comes with Quality Automatic Retouching and Enhancement (QARE Level 3) technology, which reduces much of the dust and scratches from older originals.
Color Edge: CEI is a high end photographic laboratory, print, retouching services, and imaging company, primarily servicing the New York metropolitan market, the largest market in the country for such services, estimated in excess of $50 million.
The company's proprietary, device-independent technology allows them to offer high-quality digital enhancement, professional retouching and restoration services at competitive prices.
the one-click photo retouching tool that can automatically remove red-eyes and fix the image quality.