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In the law of Defamation, a formal recanting of the libelous or slanderous material.

Retraction is not a defense to defamation, but under certain circumstances, it is admissible in Mitigation of Damages.


Libel and Slander.


n. 1) to withdraw any legal document in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding, or withdraw a promise or offer of contract. 2) in defamation, particularly libel, the correction of any untruth published in a newspaper or magazine or broadcast on radio or television usually upon the demand of the person about whom the damaging false statement was made. A clear and complete retraction will usually end the right of the defamed party to go forward with a lawsuit for damages for libel. In most states a retraction must be demanded before the suit is filed, in order to cure the problem without litigation. (See: defamation, libel)


noun abjuration, abolishment, cancellation, contradiction, countermand, disannulment, disavowal, gainsaying, negation, nullification, palinode, recall, recantation, recision, repeal, repudiation, rescindment, retractation, reversal, revocation, taking back, unsaying, voidance, withdrawal
Associated concepts: retraction of erroneous or defamatory statements
See also: abjuration, abolition, ademption, annulment, breach, cancellation, change, correction, countermand, defeasance, denial, negation, renunciation, repudiation, rescision, reversal, revocation
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It identifies reliance damages as the optimal measure of damages for retraction from precontractual representations.
An airdrop with a 10,000-pound load was tested successfully in November at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, using retraction, which decelerates the load as much as 20 feet per second before landing.
Minnesota's venerable retraction law dates back to 1887.
The following were the treatment options: mandibular advancement surgery, fixed functional appliance treatment with maxillary molar distalization, and upper-first-premolar extractions followed by miniscrew-supported en-masse retraction.
The retractions follow another sweep by the publisher last year, when Tumor Biology retracted 25 papers for compromised review and other issues, mostly authored by researchers based in Iran.
This compelling pressure to publish results in widespread publication of non-significant research with a high index of plagiarism that eventually leads to an increased frequency of retractions.
Key Words: Gingival retraction, gingival displacement, retraction cord, tissue retraction materials.
The condition was defined as severe, limited retraction to the posterosuperior quadrant of the TM with erosion of the long process of the incus and fixation of the affected tympanic segment to the head of the stapes in at least one ear.
For paralytic vector lower eyelid retraction, prior surgical options include tarsorrhaphy, canthal anchoring, tarsal pillars, or suspension procedures.
MD-Vue features infinite resolution retraction, multiple fixation options and integrated LED lighting.
Announcement of competition: Rehabilitation of existing DN 150 water main AAS by retraction of DN 110 PE100 SDR 11 cable with protective sheath.