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for more information, see appendix 1, requirements for retractory (pulled, wheeled), section 3.1 structure of briefcases.
The therapy is noninvasive and cheap, and enhances the brain's bioenergetic metabolism, potentially offering a treatment alternative to patients with retractory symptoms of depression.
Gaylord Foundry Equipment offers combustion ladle healers for all standard ladle designs as well as custom designed units to meet more challenging applications Our designs meet current design codes and are furnished with various levels of controls for heating as well as retractory sintering With just a little dimensional information on your vessels, we can provide proposal drawings and cost estimates for your ladles, furnace or other heating needs.
Weak (%) ([double Disease * dagger]) RA 27 (82) AA 0 (0) SDS 4 (57) AC 0 (0) Control 0 (0) * RA indicates retractory anemia; AA, acquired aplastic anemia; SDS, Shwachman-Diamond syndrome; and AC, miscellaneous acquired cytopenias (see "Materials and Methods").