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Relying on Albert Nasri Nadir's 1993 edition, Khalidi has retranslated over three quarters of the book, omitting the extensive introductory section and the concluding epilogue.
Kulikov's article was written originally in Russian, translated into French, then retranslated into English, and finally into American English.
With the English text running as surtitles and on monitors either side of the stage (albeit a slightly odd text which seems to have been retranslated from Russian, thereby providing some surprising variations on Shakespeare's original) there is no danger of becoming lost, though you do need to find a balance between watching text and actors.
All scales were translated in to Russian, back translated into English, and then retranslated in to Russian in order to provide a check for the accuracy of the meanings of the words in Russian.
This novel undergoes a sort of genre queering, as it moves from Puig's fictional text to his stage version, to Suzanne Jill Levine's English translation, which inspires Hector Babenco's film version and Terrence McNally's book for the Broadway musical, which in turn is retranslated back into Spanish by Pedro Orgambide and Alberto Favero for its performance in Buenos Aires.
I have retranslated from the Hebrew and Greek all the verses of the Bible pertinent to pedophilia and paraphilia.
He has also retranslated three Thomas Mann novels, Buddenbrooks, The Magic Mountain, and Doctor Faustus, and is currently working on Mann's Joseph and His Brothers.
Luce, a classicist at Trinity College in Dublin, carefully retranslated first-century writings by the geographer Strabo that describe the landing site's position relative to Troy.
13) If this extends onto cleft-like sentences, we have to assume that the original copular sentence with its partitive topic is associated with an existential presupposition, which the reduced German version and its retranslated counterpart in English fail to express.
After pretesting the English version and to ensure translation equivalence, the Japanese version of the questionnaire was translated from English to Japanese and then retranslated into English by a professional corporate translator.
Even more regrettable is the fact that important English works are retranslated from the German, rather than being quoted in the original.