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Information preserving aggregation operators then combine translated 2-tuple pairs to into an aggregated measure that can be retranslated to understandable linguistic labels.
Accompanied by Snowy, boy reporter Tintin (voiced by and based on the movements of Jamie Bell) buys a scale model of an old ship called the Unicorn at an outdoor market in an unnamed city with both French and English writing on its storefronts--a sly bit of fudging that tips its hat to the fact that the books were retranslated for every country they were published in.
The works were originally written in German in 1911, 1928, 1934, 1942, and 1947; two of the writings have not been published in English before, and one has been retranslated.
I retranslated the tales, here and there changing some fragments or accents to bind the tale more strictly with the emotional reality of contemporary children" (Zechenter 5).
This still relevant anecdotal guide, which was retranslated and published in 1999 by MIT Press, offers valuable information and advice not only for new investigators but also for seasoned professionals and individuals who are simply interested in science as well.
I did not talk about the preservation of ancient philosophy, but about the preservation of philosophical texts as concrete things that can become the object of philology, be critically edited, retranslated, etc.
Cantillon (part 3, chapter 4, retranslated from the original French, with emphasis and notation in brackets added) addressed Selgin's challenge circa 1730 when he wrote about how such coinage worked.
Therefore, the equilibrium market price Pe is retranslated in point P'e, into an unsustainable manner on a long time, due to the price growth from P1 to P2 (based on the artificial incomes growth) in correlation with the responsive supply extension from Q1 to Q2 (excessive "diversification" effect based on the aligning supply tendency related to an expansive demand).
In 1902 Paul Pelliot retranslated the text from Chinese to French.
The Nights were translated and retranslated in Europe ad nauseam.
I was shocked to learn that they were written years after Jesus' death by anonymous people later called Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as a matter of convenience, and that the contents had been rewritten, translated and retranslated, and voted on at different times and for a variety of reasons.