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Prima facie it's reasonable to look for ideological factors in a retranslation of TBC at this point in time, whatever disclaimers Carson as translator might give about ideology.
In the course of a century and a half of retranslation, mistakes were corrected, footnotes added, the slapstick was toned down and the liveliness of the early translations was improved right out of the novel.
More serious is his interpolation of the anachronistic collocation "a Buddhist-Shi nto shrine complex" into his retranslation of Tsuji.
Although he takes issue with dogmatic interpretations of Christianity (the retranslation of the Gospels' "Scribes and Pharisees" as "church officials and conservative religious leaders" is particularly delicious), Johnson finds deep inspiration in the example of Jesus, Meister Eckhardt, and anyone, Christian or otherwise, who understands that "the goal of spiritual growth is to transcend religion and see through the metaphors of religious belief.
Despite its three German editions and retranslation into English, it has finally been superceded.
Although she never openly calls for it, Carnicke reveals the glaring need for retranslation of all of Stanislavsky's works, and hopefully her impressive research will inspire a translator who understands both theater and Russian to undertake this task.
This volume is a retranslation of an original work by the Hungarian Jewish scholar, Samuel Krauss (1866-1948), who taught in Budapest and Vienna and later fled to Cambridge during the Nazi era.
Indeed, at the very moment that the Enchiridion was being printed, with its imprecation "not to linger over the sterile literal sense, but to hasten on to more profound mysteries, assisting the inadequate efforts of human industry with frequent prayer" (36), Erasmus was working to perfect his Greek, a scholarly attainment that later enabled him to embark on the most ambitious philological, hermeneutic, and literary project in the Jeromian tradition since Jerome himself: the textual restoration, retranslation, and annotation of the New Testament.
If we wish to correct this interpretation, only two routes appear to be open to us: explanation or retranslation.
In the newly discovered Latin version those quotations appear almost verbatim as their originals, without the verbal reordering that would be expected if the Latin were a retranslation of an English rendering.
The content validity of the norm list was evaluated using a retranslation exercise[18].
The majority of the impact of foreign currency translation was the result of the quarterly retranslation of the UK pension plan ($0.