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7) See table 1 for further details on English retranslations throughout.
I would like to add a third sense in my discussion on the recent retranslation of Twelfth Night: earlier translations may be not just blind or oblivious--they may also be acts of appropriation, of deliberate misreading, in which the translator turns a blind eye to the linguistic facts in the source-text and deliberately distorts them for various reasons.
Retranslation of expectations: An approach to the construction of unambiguous anchors for rating scales.
On the retranslation process in Zadeh's paradigm of computing with words.
Berman designs his critical method to "articulate, or at least attempt to articulate, the principles of a retranslation of the work in question" (78).
If the objective of teaching Lutheran doctrines in a mission context is walking together in God's mission to explore and converse with the Lutheran doctrines and articles of faith, then retranslation and reinterpretation for con textualization and resonance is key.
The new system was designed with parameters similar to that of the 10-station system with data radio transmission using the retranslation path via Lysa hora to the Geophysical laboratory of the Mining Institute AS CR, i.
Critics like Fredric Jameson, Tatlow and Reneta Berg-Pan,while providing various interpretations of Brecht's motivations, agree that, in contrast to Waley's too literal approach, Brecht's retranslation is more "analogous to that of the Chinese poet"(Tatlow, Mask 142).
Brom expressed opposition to retranslation of the Liturgy of the Hours and other liturgical books because of negative reactions to the new missal on the part of priests.
Without necessarily saying anything new, Prete does touch on a number of debates common in the field of translation studies: the retranslation of classics; the inequivalence of poetic meters; transnational literary influence; and translation and narration, which provides the title for Prete's second and most engaging chapter, "Translation and Fabulation.
We are confident of exceeding our full year expectations based on like for like exchange rates, however, the impact of retranslation of fourth quarter Eurozone profits at current exchange rates leaves us to believe we will perform in line with our expectations for the full-year.
Around $40,000 will be spent for retranslation and $40-50,000 for staff," Mambetalieva stated.