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shall retransmit the signal of a broadcasting station, or any part thereof " unless (1) the cable system receives the station's "retransmission consent" or (2) the station enforces its rights under the Act's must-carry rules.
may retransmit a broadcast signal without permission from the
If the instantaneous SNR of some [r.sub.i]-d link is maximal among the set of SNR {[[gamma]]}, this relay will be is selected to retransmit the source packet to d in the second slot.
A transport that synchronizes packets and retransmits only lost packets is much more efficient than basic TCP.
* request from each nominee other than DTC either an undertaking to retransmit the notice to all persons for which it serves as nominee, including nonobjecting beneficial owners,(4) or a similar undertaking with respect to objecting beneficial owners and a list of all nonobjecting beneficial owners;
The Copyright Office ruled satellite carriers will have to pay 27 cents a month -- up from 6 cents -- for each subscriber to retransmit network programs.
An eavesdropper monitoring the system would have to intercept the photons, make measurements, then retransmit the particles.
This option allows the machine to receive a document from one location and automatically retransmit it to other fax machines.
In most of end-to-end ACK-based retransmission techniques, the absence of an ACK segment during a retransmission timeout requires the source node to retransmit the missing DATA segment.
After receiving the reservation signals, the receiver orders the transmission sequence and the senders retransmit their packets during the following sequential data transmission period.
The applications are endless, with downloaded data, from website likes Google Weather, your NXT can retransmit the data by using the WiFi Sensor to other devices via the Internet or to different webpages.
Then a host processor can decide to retransmit it, wait a while and retransmit it, or try a different channel.