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What the TV industry needs is a new business model that doesn't depend on free access to the public airways, interrupting programming with often-annoying and all-too-frequent commercials, and charging cable and satellite companies an arm and a leg to retransmit their signals (costs that are passed along to cable and satellite subscribers).
Requiring Sinclair to submit to binding arbitration and to accept a result therefrom with which Sinclair does not agree would not only be contrary to the intent of the 1992 Cable Act but, would be the equivalent of allowing Mediacom to retransmit the signals of Sinclair's stations without Sinclair's consent.
These satellites then retransmit the signals back to earth.
The FOX5800-D2 integrates Automatic Retransmit ReQuest (ARQ) functionality for robust link performance in noisy environments and this feature can be used with any Access5830 Series Access Point that is upgraded with free ARQ firmware provided by Trango.
In business for more than 35 years, the company has developed a leading position as a technologically advanced high-quality producer of transmitters used by television stations to broadcast and retransmit their signals.
Members supply most of their own equipment and are trying to raise $3,500 to $4,000 for a radio repeater - a device that picks up a radio signal, then retransmits it.
Acknowledgement scheme: HyperIP transport protocol retransmits only the NAK'd segments and not all the data that has already been successfully sent.
A second VBrick appliance located at a branch office receives the WAN stream and then retransmits the video to an unlimited number of branch office viewers or to another VBrick appliance.