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In its latest effort to further combat piracy, DISH has filed a lawsuit against the makers of the Loolbox streaming device, which unlawfully retransmits numerous Arabic TV channels.
Aereo's innovation - and what it says distinguishes its operation from its predecessors - is that it uses tiny copper antennas to collect and retransmit broadcasters' signals over the Internet to individual subscribers.
What the TV industry needs is a new business model that doesn't depend on free access to the public airways, interrupting programming with often-annoying and all-too-frequent commercials, and charging cable and satellite companies an arm and a leg to retransmit their signals (costs that are passed along to cable and satellite subscribers).
Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear the case that leading broadcasters have brought against Aereo, an Internet startup that grabs over-the-air live television broadcasts and retransmits them to subscribers.
Acknowledgement scheme: HyperIP transport protocol retransmits only the NAK'd segments and not all the data that has already been successfully sent.