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Bridgestone Taiwan has set up a new business division in Taiwan to handle the tire retread market.
Today, says BBTS, Brazil is the biggest market for retread tyres in Latin America, with an average annual movement of 7.
Fleets that are using reliable and durable new tyres will be able to retread the tyres at 50 per cent of the cost of a new tyre and get the performance is comparable to that of a new tyre.
Richard Carter, the trust's business development executive, said, 'I think the main reason businesses are reluctant to make the switch to retreads is the incorrect perception that the quality isn't as good, but this couldn't be further from the truth.
By the end of the program, Blocker had replaced about 80% of the tires in CDOT's fleet with retreads and accomplished Lupton's 5-year goal in just 1 year.
As the world leader in tire manufacturing solutions, VMI sees the retread market as increasingly being a core business.
Compared to new tires, retread tires can contribute to resource conservation by reducing as much as two-thirds the consumption of raw materials such as natural rubber, reducing CO2 emissions generated in tire production, and contribute to reducing the number of tires scrapped by maximizing their total life.
Data collected during tyre testing can then be archived to provide a live review of the tyre's history, improving the efficiency, quality and safety of the retread process and products.
The North Bay plant, Goodyear's only such Canadian facility, retreads a wide range of tires for the construction, mining, forestry and recycling industries.
A new tire would cost about $400; a retread runs about $135, Larsen says.
The pair now claims 10 service centers and four retread plants across Arkansas among their fleet.
She added: ``We need to support these companies to sell more, and get organisations to understand that retread tyres are equal in terms of performance and safety.