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The inner place he partitioned off with the same wickerwork, but much fairer, and divided into six apartments, so that he had six rooms on a floor, and out of every one of these there was a door: first into the entry, or coming into the main tent, another door into the main tent, and another door into the space or walk that was round it; so that walk was also divided into six equal parts, which served not only for a retreat, but to store up any necessaries which the family had occasion for.
The extremity and distress they were reduced to was great, and indeed deplorable; but, at the same time, our men were also brought to very bad circumstances by them, for though their retreats were preserved, yet their provision was destroyed, and their harvest spoiled, and what to do, or which way to turn themselves, they knew not.
the Ireland Trail Running + Wellness Retreat offers women a week-long immersion in healthy running techniques while exploring the Emerald Isle's forests, national parks, famous cliffs and moors.
Retreat House Chester is the charity behind the vision to create 'a breathing space' from today's busy world.
ODM Chairman and NASA minority leader in the National Assembly John Mbadi confirmed that the retreat was on the cards and the details shall be unveiled by the opposition captains on Tuesday next week.
Halima Ahmed in her opening remarks delivered by the Head of the ECOWAS Peace Support Division, Colonel Ollo Alain Pale , stated that the retreat was an important step towards sustaining the ESF Full Operational Capacity (FOC) and testing its ability to execute multidimensional peace operations.
The retreat aims to help married couples renew their relationship with each other and with the Lord, and reflect on how Holy Week can heal and inspire the love they shared since their wedding day,' said Fr.
Services at the Retreat City Clinic, also known as the Retreat Baby Clinic, will continue to operate as normal from 7h30 16h00 Monday to Friday.
Despite selling the most cars on the Egyptian market, Korean automakers posted a 42% retreat in sales.
Customers will be in safe and nurturing hands when they experience a treatment or spa package at The City Retreat.
Ignatius June 30 - August 3, 2015; 22 Directed Retreats.
A retreat provides endless possibilities to reorganize your priorities.