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They said these retrenched teachers are now unable to pay huge amount in respect of fee to lawyers for justice from the court and decided to come out on road for acceptance of their demand.
While most of the West remains focused upon conflicts that have exploded in its undertow, including civil wars in Libya and Syria, we should not lose sight of another development in the Middle East - that of retrenched authoritarianism.
Those who were retrenched included those whose contracts were not renewed (6 percent), those whose employers closed shop (2 percent) and those who were laid off (2 percent).
Restoration and troubleshooting is greatly reduced as a cut fiber does not have to be retrenched as only the cut microduct/fiber needs to be located, route path re-engaged with a simple airtight/watertight coupler, and connectivity re-established with a push/pull of a replacement FieldShield terminated assembly.
She added: "If employees were retrenched, they must be given bread for life and we stand by that as we believe we are right.
Over 3,000 employees of various state-run firms have been retrenched over a period of time.
Sakozy replied: "We cannot understand why senior management is receiving thousands of dollars in salaries and bonuses while workers are being retrenched.
Downsizing has many implications for both individuals who are retrenched and those who remain in the organisation ('survivors'), including changes to the psychological contract (Bellou, 2007; Rousseau & Wade-Benzoni, 1995), survivor syndrome (Brockner et al.
Australia announces A$300 million plan to support retrenched workers
Remulla proposed that the OWWA put up an assistance desk in the airport to assist returning retrenched OFWs.
The remaining Php800 million (Dh80 million) will be released through the Development Bank of the Philippines u Land Bank of the Philippines for those who have been retrenched.
Miercom has published its test results in some other prominent tech magazines, but those opportunities dried up as the magazines retrenched (editorially speaking).