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Officials from the Mineworkers Union of Namibia, who met with the company's management in Windhoek on Wednesday this week, say they were shocked to hear that Weatherly is retrenching 643 people instead of the figure that was thrown around a week earlier.
Roundy's will likely fill some of the gap caused by Dominick's retrenching.
As much as a gloomy forecast as Threlkeld presented, another speaker, Megan Hovey-Carpenter with Rosenthal Collins Group LLC of Chicago, said that while there may be some retrenching, "I would expect we remain a bit stronger, with some softening next year, although not too bad.
The company, which was actually launched around the time of 9/11 but which has done some retrenching a in recent years, also promises borrowers lower rates on private loans.
Some mortgage companies are closing their doors and others are retrenching.
While the late 2004 run-up in copper provided an opportunity for some retrenching to take place, stocks at the London Metal Exchange have declined.
Here are some details of this financial retrenching.
From pushing aluminum-intensive vehicles to retrenching toward parts and pieces, the aluminum industry has had difficulty laying out, much less following, a coherent roadmap.
Brazilian consumers and industrial leaders are retrenching because of fears that the economic situation will deteriorate, rather than improve, as 2004 progresses.
Before, companies wanted signature buildings; now they're retrenching, as are public authorities'.
It is seeking to increase direct investment in Japan, but it first needs to understand that foreign financial institutions that have already set up shop in Japan have been retrenching significantly.
California immigrant rights advocates are retrenching after Governor Gray Davis' October 1 veto of a bill that would have made it possible for immigrants seeking legal residency to apply for drivers' licenses.