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It also said by retrenching 100 workers, it would reduce costs, while resulting in only a slight decline in production at the remaining two mines.
Despite the retrenching, e-business is here to stay.
Uganda Airlines has announced that as part of its downsizing programme designed to keep the carrier from collapse, it will be retrenching more than 240 employees.
Before retrenching the chain operated a total of 130 RxPlus and Revco stores in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.
With capacity retrenching and premiums increasing, the underwriting community of insurers and reinsurers is struggling to find equilibrium.
Global Banking News-April 4, 2013--Most banks retrenching, says Cohn(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
However, Mark Chadwick, chief executive of professional services group Liverpool City Region, remains positive: "To suggest that this 'singular' move is symptomatic of a wholesale retrenching experienced in previous years is premature.
5% in the first quarter as declining demand for exports and retrenching consumers continue to weigh on.
While some auto dealerships are retrenching or even closing locations due to the three-year-old recession wreaking havoc on auto sales, Hyundai de Puerto Rico will add at least three dealerships to its network before year's end, reports Caribbean Business (July 17, 2008).
Lloyd Braun, chairman of ABC Entertainment Television Group, conceded the network was in need of a significant retrenching.
The reasons for the retrenching are a combination of slowing consumer spending, concerns over weak corporate earnings, and, most importantly, simple economics.
this year, yet pricing pressures have forced some manufacturers to abandon the market, while others are retrenching.