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In some cases driver is responsible to compensate lose but doesn't have any retributive responsibility.
The retributive aspect of punishment has long been under heavy fire.
In the midst of all this, the US and the UK are leading a process to reverse the scope of this reconciliation process from a restorative model to a retributive one.
The Eighth Amendment standard arises out of the retributive value of executing a person who has no comprehension of why he is being executed and the abhorrence of civilized societies to kill someone who has no capacity to come to grips with his own conscience or deity.
Tanner's idea of divine justice is not retributive (satisfaction or penal substitution) but restorative.
They included clearing the backlog of genocide cases, truth-hearing and truth-speaking, achieving peace, retributive justice, healing, forgiveness, reconciliation and restorative justice.
Block also argues that the criminal must be made to suffer the same level of fear as his or her victim, as part of the retributive justice the victim is owed (3):
truth, all emphasise that justice is retributive and reconciliation is restorative and that there is a trade-off involved.
For Travis a retributive judgment is one imposed from the outside and based on equivalence between the deed and the deserved results, a tit-for-tat judgment.
The Islamic sharia code in force in Iran provides for retributive justice, most commonly for murder or for those convicted of causing intentional physical injury.
The Basic Structure of Retributive Damages: A Recap
Retributive justice would require each wanderer to be a little more careful about where he set his traps, how securely he set up the tent or dug the well.