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RETRIBUTION. 1. That which is given to another to recompense him for what has been received from him; as a rent for the hire of a house. 2. A salary paid to a person for his services. 3. The distribution of rewards and punishments.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Further, the philosophical distinction between retributive and distributive justice obscures--or appears to render irrelevant--the rather significant extent to which crime is associated with distributive inequality.
"Retributive siya kaya ang daming nakakulong, hindi reformative (It is retributive so many are sent to prison, it isn't reformative)," he said.
No longer able to fulfill its retributive function, no less retributive justice, punishment would simply devolve into revenge, or just plain violence.
In Sierra Leone, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) cost $5 million, while the retributive Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) ran $300 million a year.
Throughout much of the history of civilization, justice has been retributive. You steal, you lose a hand; you take someone's life, and you lose your own.
But the kind of retributive justice being promoted by government representatives instead perpetuates the culture of violence and does not help in peace-building, only win elections," according to Papa.
The Abu Dhabi Appeals Court had last year upheld the death penalty handed down to the Indian accused by the criminal court, after the victim's family refused to pardon the criminal and demanded retributive justice and maximum punishment for him.
The lawyer said that the prison's authorities will take retributive measures against those who contributed in the strike.
In some accidents the responsible of event (accident), have the responsibility of the civil (legal) retributive at the same time.
In one of the cases, the apex court referred to the conundrum and observed that "perhaps the Law Commission of India can resolve the issue by examining whether death penalty is a deterrent punishment or is retributive justice or serves an incapitative goal".
I find it strange that so many of my coreligionists appear to be crying out for blood, focused so strongly on retributive justice as the only justice worth seeking.
The narrator seems to have been cuckolded or is at least obsessed with forms of betrayal and retributive violence.