retributive action

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Interestingly, the same Modi had advocated adventurous retributive action against Pakistan, when his predecessor Manmohan Singh refused to escalate tension in 2013 after the beheading of Indian soldiers.
The incidents of sectarian violence in the northern Cairo village of Al-Khosous date back to 5 April when a brawl led to a Christian killing a Muslim, spurring some Muslim residents to take retributive action against him and other Christians by attempting to burn down the alleged killer's house and attacking the local church.
The European Commission (EC) has threatened Bulgaria with retributive action if the country fails to lift the ban on sale of agricultural land to foreigners starting 2014.
The barrister has previously told the jury: "This (shooting) coming as it did on the back of another firearms attack on his family home, we say, persuaded Colin Fitzgibbon to take retributive action.
Such has been the lack of tough, retributive action that more than a third of victims say they are scared to go out at night, and fear going to public places where they will be harangued and subjected to spiteful abuse.
The bank opined that the rate needs to be hiked as retributive action against traders who have driven inflation expectations to 20-month highs.
France, Belgium - basically anywhere with an abundance of go-karts - have all decided to take retributive action against a dress that, as they see it, disengages them from seeing anything at all.
That's because the physician could surmise from a fuller description who was involved, and the fear is that the doctor will take some sort of retributive action against the complainant, according to Mr.
He added that Hizbullah had ruled out retributive action in response to the assassination of a senior group member, Imad Mughniyeh.
So, while the retributive action makes for an enjoyable read, the serious overtone is laboured and preachy.
CONSOL Energy does not intend to take any retributive action should its exchange offer be unsuccessful.
Similarly, Canadas argues in chapter 5 that the peasant uprising culminating in the murder of Fernan Gomez, due to that comendador's and other knights' and nobles' widespread rapine in Lope's Fuente Ovejuna, effects "a revision of traditional aristocratic notions of heroism" based on the collective retributive action of the united peasantry.