retributive justice

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There have been a handful of acid attacks on Iranian women in recent decades, but such crimes are almost unknown in the West where there is no retributive justice anymore.
Thus where retributive justice miscategorizes the "illegal alien," divesting her of moral and legal standing, restorative justice becomes a pedagogy of seeing the stranger "in all her truth"--the stranger, "exactly like me," says Simone Well, albeit "stamped with a special mark by affliction.
Retributive justice mechanisms to cope with the past, such as the ICTY, have only partially fulfilled the goal of helping war-torn and post-conflict societies in the region transition.
There are problems here, though: third parties will not know that this is an act of retributive justice and not initiatory violence, and may intervene; the criminal is expecting the attack and may recognize it as such and not be scared as we hoped; or the criminal and victim may have agreed on monetary compensation for the injury (but not the fear, with the criminal claiming that it dealt no damage), so the "fear" attack will never be more than a paper tiger since the criminal knows no harm will be done to them.
The narrator is Ash Henderson, a Scottish detective inspector who has been demoted for his part in a case of retributive justice.
The perpetrators can be held to account in Egypt and face retributive justice.
However, there are certain mechanisms of retributive justice, as well as restorative justice, and these have proven to support reconciliation in particular contexts in post conflict environments.
Taking this reasoning to its logical (if extreme) conclusion, recognition would give Israel the right to demand a measure of retributive justice.
recovery aligns with the punishment and retributive justice functions of
Dan Markel & Chad Flanders, Bentham on Stilts: The Bare Relevance of Subjectivity to Retributive Justice, 98 CALIF.
committed to realizing the goals and values of retributive justice.
Issues of the balance between retributive justice and the general public good, issues of evaluation of the past and projections for the future, and indeed issues of political identity were all entangled in this process," the report said, meaning that it was still too early for a final judgment.