retributive justice

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It is also a sovereign and righteous subject that needs to retaliate through mechanisms of retributive justice and has the right to speak and decide for others.
These thoughts and suggestions indicate a need for greater economic justice and/or an integration of economic justice with retributive justice that begs attention from the international human rights and NGO communities.
Higher education has modeled its judicial affairs systems after the legal system which is ensconced in retributive justice (Gehring, 2001).
Rooted in the notion of "just desert" this backward looking justice perspective is committed to the universal applicability of the principle aims of retributive justice and, the circumvention of impunity.
VanDrunen only compounds the problem by insisting that the New Testament instructs believers to live according to the eschatological order of grace and mercy and not the protological order of retributive justice.
The fact is that the movement against capital punishment had its origin over a hundred years ago in efforts aimed at the medieval concept of retributive justice with reformative justice.
Under the principle of retributive justice, the punishment should correspond in kind and degree to the injury.
It is however a process based on restorative justice and not retributive justice.
The militants further added in their post that what Kenyans are witnessing is retributive justice for crimes committed by their military.
50) For proponents of restorative justice like Zehr, victim-offender reconciliation programs (VORPSs), sentencing circles, or family group conferences (FGCs) represent an effective alternative to prevailing regimes of retributive justice.
8220;It's our hope to show how stories in comic books frequently explore ideas of authority and power post-9/11 as well as how cultural notions of retributive justice resonate in the books.
Garrard and McNaughton suggest the possibility that a satisfactory recovery from ill will may include retributive justice or 'just desserts' as a viable response toward a perpetrator for his or her wrongdoing.