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In such cases, the firm's procedures designed to maintain the integrity, accessibility, and retrievability of the documentation may include requiring the engagement teams to
Tversky and Kahneman conclude, then, that people make estimates based on AH, which (in this case) led to the retrievability bias.
Use of previous high pressure retrievable packers with capabilities near these limits always left a question of retrievability after a short period of service.
In fact, that sort of retrievability is an essential feature of dissociative phenomena (Braude, 1991).
Does the format enable readability, accessibility, and retrievability of information in the policy?
The OptionELITE IVC Filter, designed by Rex Medical, LP, provides the clinician with the same safe and trusted design now enhanced for ease of delivery and retrievability.
Currently, retrievable filter manufacturers provide a guideline as to the window of retrievability of each device.
Increasing retrievability and reusability of learning material by developing a measure of relevance based on academic teachers' conceptions.
1959) proposed several criteria: comparison with an "ideal" abstract, the retrievability of a document by the abstract, and the extent to which the abstract could be used to answer test questions as well as the use of intuitive subjective judgment.
Improvements will include retrievability, repositionability, positioning feelers, flexible delivery systems and self-expanding stents.
The Crux VCF System's bi-directional retrievability makes it a highly valued solution in today's environment of increased clinical focus on removing IVC filters when the risk of PE is reduced," noted Neil Hattangadi, vice president and general manager of Volcano's peripheral vascular unit.